What is business strategy?

Business strategy is a method used by business owners to make a conscious decision to seek clarity about their company's direction in relation to what's happening in their market.

In its simplest form, business strategy is executed by creating and defining your company's goals and devising a path to reach those goals.

Think of business strategy as a tangible roadmap to your company's success. 

Why do I need  business strategy?

Having a business strategy prevents your business from the frustrating act of running in place and provides the vision and clarity needed to run with purpose.

Employing business strategy is a great way to impact your company's future and intentionally drive your business forward. 

Effective owners aren't sitting around waiting for things to happen anymore. They refuse to wait for their competitors to come in and put them out of business. Instead, they use strategy to forecast the market changes and stay ahead of the game. 


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My name is Tamra Marie and I'm here to serve. I don't have overly impressive accolades, PhD's or experience working with the worlds top brands in every industry. I'm simply and proudly a xennial with business savvy, strategic knowledge and a huge heart for small business owners and their individual journies.

There is so much white space between starting a business and thriving in that business. My mission is to fill that white space by providing clarity, creating positioning and maximizing your business brand.

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Check out my interview with Ms. Margo Lovett - owner of the podcast Her Business, Her Voice, Her Conversation. I talk about the minimum three strategies owners should implement immediately in their businesses. If you're a DIY'er, Google the topics covered and apply them! If not, reach out and let's make a plan!









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